Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gameloft SD Cache Downloader & Extractor

This program is use to download Gameloft SD Cache using PC.
so for those who don't have wifi, or having problems with downloading using wifi, is the best solution.

GLzip 2.1


1) download GLzip 2.1.jar and Run “GLZip_2.1.jar”

2) click “View infos” button.

3) now select the game apk file you would like to download the SDCARD data and click on "open"

4) a new window opens up with PVRT (PowerVR), ATC (adreno), and DXT (Terga) links

5) just copy the link which goes by your phone (for Arc user, it should be ATC version) and use your browser or download manager to download them

6) if the link start like this, just copy the red line so it will look like this:
from this:{ro.product.model}&device={ro.product.device}&product={GAME_ID}&version={GAME_VERSION}
to this:

7) after you have these files downloaded, just click on "unpack"

8) now select the downloaded zip file

9) there are 2 folders unpacked, "sdcard & files"

10) rename the "sdcard" folder according to the name of the game(given below)

11) now copy renamed folder to the correct sdcard location: sdcard/gameloft/games/

12) you're done and game are ready to play. ENJOY

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  1. what the heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i manage to download the sd data using my idm!!!! shittttt this fucking awesome man!!!..thanks alot dude!!! muahahaaha....the main point is to have ur whateva gameloft apk first later on suck the sd data through this glzip